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3 Benefits of Switching Your Business to Solar Power

The benefits inherent in the use of solar power have become increasingly obvious in recent years, particularly in comparison to fossil fuels. As well as the strong environmental benefits, businesses that switch to using solar power also have a chance to update their energy approach and ensure their bottom line is future-proofed.

There are at least three major benefits of switching your business to solar power:

A reduction in the cost of electricity

One of the most obvious benefits of making use of solar power is that it results in a huge reduction in the cost of traditional power bills. Electricity bills have increased by almost 50% over the course of the last decade, so the installation of a solar power system on a commercial building will almost always see an immediate reduction in electricity bills by cutting your reliance on the power grid.

The savings that are made by this reduction will ultimately pay for the cost of that installation over time, and the installation also represents an investment in the future of your business against the likelihood of higher and higher electricity prices.

This investment is also one that is highly durable, with solar panels being designed to cope with being exposed to the elements, with photovoltaic cells being enclosed and protected by highly tempered specialised glass with a non-corrosive aluminium framing, making them very sturdy structures with warranties of up to a quarter of a century.

Public image

Another valuable return on the investment in solar power is the way a business can improve its public image by having valid “green” credentials. Solar power systems offer a valuable aid to the global fight to reduce CO2 emissions, something that a business that uses them can utilise in their corporate marketing and promotional material.

This turn can make the public image of a business be that of one which is socially responsible, progressive, focused on the future and environmentally aware.

Most people today believe climate change is a serious issue and tend to look more favourably on businesses that are environmentally responsible than those that are not, and this stance has been shown to be even more important among the Millennial generation.

A number of businesses are discovering new methods of using their green credentials to give themselves a competitive edge when making bids on contacts and giving their responses to tenders.

Government incentives

Installing a commercial solar power system can be made even more inexpensive for businesses thanks to government incentives in the form of tax benefits. Federal, state and local governments in the United States are also supporting businesses that wish to make the move toward clean, efficient and renewable solar power.

In order to demonstrate this support these levels of government all offer financial assistance programs and beneficial tax incentives to help businesses install a solar power system including Federal Investment Tax Credit, Solar Renewable Energy Credits and Accelerated Depreciation.

Businesses should check out the assistance and tax benefits they can receive from such government programs before installing a solar power system.

Switching to solar power is a smart move for all businesses.

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