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8 of the Most Frequently Asked Solar Power-Related Questions, Answered

There are a number of solar power FAQs that are high on most prospective customer’s list of things to ask about.

How does it work?

Solar power usually works via solar panels that are mounted on the roof of your home. These solar panels contain solar cells, also referred to as photovoltaic cells, which are able to take the sunlight that falls on them and convert it into direct current (DC) power.

What are the financial advantages of getting solar power?

The installation of a solar power system on your property will result in savings on future electricity bills and also protect you against any future energy cost rises. The amount of money saved will be dependent on a variety of different factors such as the solar policies and utility rates in your area but wherever you live solar power is still a smart investment.

What is an inverter?

An inverter is connected to the solar panels with a cable and is there to convert DC power to 240V alternating current (AC), which is the electricity type used by ordinary homes. Some inverters even come with a digital display showing statistics of the amount of power generated during the day.

Are there environmental benefits to getting solar power?

Solar power is classed as a renewable energy source and comes with numerous health and environmental benefits. Using solar power causes a reduction in greenhouse gasses, which are a contributing factor to climate change, and also generates less air pollutants such as particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, which can result in health problems.

What is a bi-directional meter?

A bi-directional meter is the name of a device that calculates the power used by your solar power system and the power you are sending back to the electricity grid. Unused power can on occasion be sold back to the grid as a feed-in tariff, though this rebate will be dependent on your particular state and electricity retailer.

What is the grid?

The wires and poles connecting commercial and residential properties to power stations are sometimes called the electricity grid. Surplus energy generated by your home’s solar power system can be returned to the electricity grid, which can also provide additional power to your home when necessary.

Would a solar power system have an impact on the value of my property?

Studies have demonstrated that properties that have solar power systems sell for more money than those that do not. However this is only the case if you own rather than rent your solar power system. A solar power system increases value more than a renovated kitchen in many areas of the US.

How much does it cost to maintain solar panels?

Solar panels are manufactured with durable tempered glass and will require little maintenance for around 25 to 35 years. Some solar panels may not even require regular cleaning. In the event there is a problem warranties are included by the majority of equipment manufacturers.

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