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FAQs About Solar Power Maintenance

Solar power systems generally require little to no maintenance, as modules that are installed at an angle of more than ten degrees tend to self-clean given the average amount of rainfall in Australia.

However in order to ensure the best possible performance it is still a good idea to make sure the panels are regularly inspected and cleaned and there are a number of other FAQs about solar power maintenance that customers tend to have.

What longevity do solar panels have?

One of the most FAQs about solar panels is how long customers can expect them to last, and the answer is that the majority will have a life expectancy of between 25 to 35 years. They may still function even after that length of time, though they would likely be in need of an upgrade.

Will bad weather damage solar panels?

The majority of solar panels are constructed out of tempered glass, which allows them to cope with bad weather. However although solar panels are very durable they are not indestructible, and serious weather events could still cause some damage.

How often do solar panels require maintenance?

Solar panels are almost maintenance-free due to the lack of any moveable parts, though they should still be inspected and checked to ensure they have not been damaged by the likes of adverse weather conditions and cleaned between two to four times per year.

How do I repair damaged solar panels?

If there is a need to repair or even replace any of the solar panels in your home’s solar power system, then you should engage the services of a professional solar panel contractor who will have both the equipment and the expertise that is required to conduct any repairs or replacement efficiently and safely.

It is important that homeowners do not expose themselves to unnecessary danger by trying to personally inspect panels as such an activity can result in serious injury.

What is basic cleaning for solar panels?

For the majority of home solar installations, basic cleaning can be as simple as cleaning debris from panels with the use of a garden hose. Solar panels need to be clear of the likes of dust, leaves and dirt in order to make the most of the light that is available to be turned into electrical power.

If grime on solar panels refuses to easily wash off then the best advice is to hire a professional to ensure they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Do homeowners need to monitor their electricity production?

Homeowners should absolutely keep an eye on the electricity being produced by their solar power system to make sure it is up to par. If a drop in efficiency is detected then the system’s inverters, power junctions and wiring need to be inspected by a solar provider immediately.

Solar panels allow homeowners to enjoy huge savings on their energy bills while also reducing their carbon footprint and helping the environment and solar power maintenance is very easy to ensure they continue operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

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