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How Solar Power Solutions Can Save You Big Money

It is possible to zero out monthly energy bills and even get credits for the future relatively rapidly after you have installed a solar power solution in your property. The decision to install a solar power system can sometimes seem overly complicated given the number of incentives such as tax credits and other considerations such as the initial cost, to the extent that sometimes people do not realize just how much money a solar power solution could actually save them.

It is worth ordinary people looking into available solutions today as the costs have gone down while the incentives have only grown stronger. However it is vital to take all factors regarding your particular situation into consideration before making a decision.

Solar power financial incentives

The installation of a solar power system is an investment in the future for most people, with a payback period to recoup the cost of the initial outlay then followed by monthly energy savings, although how much savings there are will depend on factors such as your monthly energy consumption and the size of your solar power system.

Excess solar power that is produced by a residential system is usually credited against the energy amount that is used although it is rare to actually be paid money for solar energy. The flipside is that paying nothing or even a little to utility providers adds up to a lot of money saved over the years. The majority of systems will be paid off within a decade, leaving many decades of free electricity to come.

It is also important to note that the initial investment in a solar power solution can also result in an increase in value in the price of your home.

Estimating your savings

There is a simple way to work out how much money can be saved via an initial investment in a solar power system. The first step is to work out your net system cost, then estimate your annual savings on electricity bills and divide the former by the latter in order to determine the length in years of your solar payback period.

One of the major advantages of solar power is that, in the event that the system requires an initial outlay of $15,000 and results in savings of $1500 per annum, the system will have paid for itself within the first ten years.

After the payback period has been reached everything after that is pure savings and that can mean big money. While residential solar panels come with a twenty five year warranty in reality they will likely last much longer than that which means that, to continue with the above example, those savings of $1500 every year adds up to an astonishing $22,000 in savings.

How much will I save?

The amount that individuals can save from a solar power solution will vary between different people and circumstances, making it important to do the math but for the majority solar power is a worthwhile investment that will ultimately save you big money.

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