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Solar Power Trends to Know in 2023

The demand for energy that is both clean and renewable is only continuing to grow, and as a result the solar power industry is tipped to undergo significant growth as well as innovation this year. There are a number of big solar power trends expected to play a role in shaping the industry in 2023 that it is a good idea to know about.

Those large-scale solar farms are going to continue to grow

Those large-scale solar farms have been experiencing growth for a while now and that trend is expected to carry on throughout 2023 with a growing number of countries expanding the investment they have made in renewable energy. Solar farms offer a scalable and cost effective solar energy source and help to both make improvements to energy security and cut down our reliance on fossil fuels.

Rooftop solar panels will continue to expand

There is expected to be continuing expansion of the installation of rooftop solar panels this year, with more and more businesses and residential households hoping to cut down on their energy costs and improve their overall environmental footprint. Not only do rooftop solar panels offer a cost-effective clean energy source, they also help to cut down on grid dependence.

Energy storage solutions will be increasingly adopted

There is expected to be an increasingly widespread use of energy storage solutions like batteries in 2023. These solutions can improve the likes of energy security and reduce grid dependence while also allowing renewable energy sources to be used in a more effective manner.

Community solar is expected to grow

Community solar enables multiple businesses or households to make use of the same large-scale solar installation and this trend is expected to continue to grow this year. Community solar helps to increase the accessibility and affordability of solar power, while also assisting with the promotion of environmental awareness and community engagement.

Off-grid solar will keep expanding

Off-grid solar provides power to individuals and communities that are not connected to the grid, and this trend is also tipped to keep on expanding in 2023. Off-grid solar can be an excellent method of bringing electricity to rural or remote areas and help to support economic development and growth.

Smart grid technologies will be increasingly utilized

Smart grid technology, which enables energy demand and supply to be intelligently managed, is tipped to become more and more widespread over the course of the next twelve months. Smart grids can assist with the reduction of energy waste, the improvement of energy efficiency and the promotion of having renewable energy sources integrated into the grid.

New financing models will be developed

New financing models like micro-financing and crowdfunding are tipped to be created in 2023, helping solar energy to become more affordable and accessible to a greater number of individuals and communities by overcoming investment barriers and supporting solar power sector growth.

2023 is anticipated to be another big year for innovation and growth in the solar power industry with trends expected to continue to support our move to a more sustainable future for energy.

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