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Solar Water Heating Has Its Benefits, Too

Anyone who is trying to make a decision as to whether or not they should have a solar water heater installed in their home needs to be fully aware of all the benefits that doing so would bring. There are many such benefits and a lot of people could even find them to be a superior solar option to the standard solar power panels, while others may wish to have both installed in their homes. Here are some of the benefits of solar water heaters:

Free energy

Once the initial outlay of purchasing and installing a solar power water heater has been paid, that money will almost immediately start to be returned as free energy. The average home sees the amount of electricity they normally use to heat water reduced by around 50%, but in areas such as Arizona that receive a lot of sunlight, that figure could actually reach as high as 90%. Saving money and receiving free energy would be enough of a reason for many people to switch to solar water heating.

Carbon footprint reduction

That climate change is happening is widely accepted and acknowledged, as is the fact that one of the biggest contributing factors to this is carbon emissions.

Solar power water heaters make use of the sun’s renewable energy in order to heat the water in your home, which means that less natural gas or fossil fuels are being used and then released into the atmosphere by the likes of traditional gas or electric water heaters.

This means that those who adopt solar water heating are not only saving money on their energy bills, they are also helping to save the environment.

Greater efficiency

It is much more efficient to make use of the rays coming from the sun to directly up the water in a household than it is to first have to convert that sunlight into energy that can then be used to perform the same task, so why not have the process done in just one step rather than two?

Less room required than solar panels

Because the efficiency of solar water heaters is much greater than that of traditional solar panels, the average home will have no more than three water heaters at the most and some may even be able to get away with just one. This means that solar water heaters are a great option, particularly for those who do not like the idea of solar panels covering their entire roof.

Cheaper than solar panels

Because a household will need less solar water heater panels, this also inevitably means that their installation will cost homeowners less than would be the case with traditional solar panels. A cheaper investment that delivers the same results and simultaneously helps the environment seems like an obvious one to choose.

Water heating is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions from ordinary homes, particularly electric water heaters. Having a hot water system that is extremely efficient also helps to meet local regulations and adds extra value to your home.

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