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4 Tips to Keep Your Solar Power System Running Smoothly

The majority of solar power systems are designed to need little in the way of maintenance, but it is still a good idea to look at certain aspects of the system on a frequent basis. Making regular checks is just a smart move to ensure your investment is protected and allows users to monitor the amount of power their system is producing to make sure it is continuing to function in the proper manner.

As with a motor vehicle, it is prudent to make a commitment to maintaining and providing the required level of upkeep to make sure a solar power system stays in optimum operating condition.

A solar power system requires considerably less maintenance than a motor vehicle but it is still important to have regular checks scheduled to ensure it remains on peak form and there are a number of tips that can help to keep your solar power system running smoothly.

Tracking the expiration date of warranties

If a solar power system is getting close to the end of its warranty period, users should contact the manufacturer to see if it is possible to purchase an extended warranty. A small investment such as this can potentially save thousands in replacement components in the event of any component failures.

Watch out for critters

Wildlife can be extremely destructive with solar technology. Mice, possums and other critters can chew wires, build nests, and cause electrical faults and even fires and roof damage. Birds are also a potential nuisance and can cause damage of a similar nature. Users that notice any unusual activity under or around their solar array might want to call in pest control and get in touch with their solar service team in order to look for any possible damage. Another option is to install some kind of guard around the solar array in order to deter wildlife.

Checking and maintaining monitor connection

Users with a monitor installed on their solar power system should check it weekly or at least monthly, while those who do not should consider getting one. A properly functioning monitor can bring with it a number of benefits including visibility into production, system error alert options and confirmation that the system is functioning correctly. Monitors can become disconnected from their internet connection, resulting in them becoming unable to report or record data, but this is simple and inexpensive to correct.

Look for abnormalities on utility bills

The fluctuations in price on utility bills can be caused by a variety of different factors, many of which may be unconnected to your solar power system, but if a bill seems unusually high it can be worth checking out. Keeping a record of utility bills can pay off in regards to production issues, particularly for those users without monitors. Be aware of annual patterns such as higher bills during winter when there is less solar production and other events related to weather.

It is also important to keep in mind that electrical loads may change or increase if more people are staying at a residence.

The maintenance of solar power systems does not take up much time and is very simple but can help save time and money in the long term.

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